Slow Down – music film model seksi Bentley Grey & LaKayte

can not tell my mystery But i can show you what you want It’s like a magic history It’s like a magic word
Make me slow down, baby please don’t steal my soul Make me slow down, I don’t wanna lose control

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Make me slow down.. slow down.. make me slow down.. But i want it more and more..
Just waiting for the right time To let myself be free I really dont know who you are Just try to feel

Oh no, dont forget about me I cannot breathe bae come with me I wanna try it one more time I wanna know , know you’re mine
It’s like a super mission We’re at the first position So pay attention, pay attention Its my ambition I need your decision

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You’re my obsession Make me slow down.. slow down.. make me slow down But i want it more and more..

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